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Do you have a chimney? Have you noticed issues your flue? Is your chimney rusted on top? A chase cover (chimney cap is designed to prevent water from entering the inside of the chimney. This chimney chase cover is typically made of less expensive sheet metal. 
Unfortunately, a rusted chimney cap or chase cover is more than just a cosmetic problem.  This could be an indication of a much more serious issue.  Atlantic Craftsman will come out measure and have a custom fabricated chase cover installed for you. All of our chase covers come with a 10 Year Installation Guarantee.

5 Reasons to Have Your Chimney Caps Repair or Replaced by Atlantic Craftsman Co.

  • Reduce moisture, keep the rain out – Rain and moisture can cause mold and mildew not to mention it can create damage to chimney mortar joints, chimney dampers and stainless steel chimney liners.  A chimney cap will keep the water from coming down into your liner and into your family's home.
  • Critters, this will keep the animals out – Installing chimney caps will prevent animals such as bird, raccoons or squirrels from entering into your chimney.  These animals tend to, in many cases find their way into your chimney, but are not able to exit, and eventually die leaving unpleasant odors or even maggots. 
  •  Eliminate down drafts– Chimney Caps eliminate downdrafts into your home, which can potentially cause hazardous smoke into your home, if you are using a wood burning fireplace due to shifts in wind.
  • Fire Safety - Stop Embers and Sparks – Stops fly away embers from exiting your chimney and making contact with dry leaves, other debris or your patio furniture, canopies or landscaping which could be large fire hazards for you home.
  • Prevent Debris and Leave Build-up – Debris, such as leaves, pine needles, branches and other materials can fly into your chimney, get stuck with the sap on them and start to build up within your chimney and cause possible blockage that could lead to smoke inhalation into your home or even a fire hazard, installing a chimney cap on your chimney will prevent this from happening to your home


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