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Hurricane/Storm Damage Repair


If you’re searching for roofing companies, trust Atlantic Craftsman Co. don’t trust your roofing project to just anyone.  Trust it to the most experienced and most trusted roofing company in Hampton Roads. Call
(757)485-4871 today for a FREE estimate on a roof replacement or roof repair in your area!  We serve all of Hampton Roads, including Virginia BeachChesapeakeHampton, Newport NewsPortsmouthNorfolkSuffolk, and nearby cities such as Williamsburg, we even service part of North Carolina. Click here  for more information.

When the storms strike, serious damage can be done to roofing in Hampton Roads. Wind, rain, hail, lightning and falling branches can cause damage that is easy to see. But they can also cause hidden damage that may take months to show itself.

Atlantic Craftsman Co.'s rapid response team is available to make emergency repairs to restore the integrity of your roof and help protect the contents of your home or business. We will also document damage for proof of insurance claims.

Once the storm subsides we will return to conduct a thorough inspection and investigation and prepare a plan of action to restore your roof. We strongly advise against delaying repairs! Water seeping into your home through a damaged roof can cause untold amounts of damage to your interior walls, structural supports – even your home’s foundation.

Protecting your property is a top priority for us. This is not limited to covering only the spots damaged by severe weather. We cover and protect anything on your property that could be harmed by our storm damage response, including landscaping and newly-installed driveways.

Learning to recognize the signs of roof damage, however minimal, is a good practice. It can lead to bigger trouble when storm damage does occur. Atlantic Craftsman Co. keeps a list on our site of the top signs a roof needs replacing, and you can see it by clicking 

Even if your roofing system is brand new or in very good condition, you still may face the need for repairs due by storm damage. Downed utility poles or fallen trees and branches can make a mess of your roofing system quickly. Objects swept up by powerful winds can also damage your roof upon impact.

During the actual storm, it’s best to stay inside and away from windows. But if you notice problems connected to roof damage, such as a leak, do not wait to call Atlantic Craftsman. The crews at Atlantic Craftsman Co. are accustomed to dealing with weather issues during a roof repair or replacement project. Rain doesn’t stop us or slow us down, and we always use the popper safety precautions when covering storm damage and making any emergency repairs necessary.

Keep Yourself And Your Home Safer

Beyond our experience and expertise in responding to storm damage, safety becomes another important variable. No amount of storm damage to your roof is worth injuring yourself to cover during or after the storm. Our crews are trained and equipped to do the repair job safely.

Stay A Step Ahead Of The Storm

Weak and failing roofs are no match for the power of high winds or tropical storms. Atlantic Craftsman Co. can get a new roof installed quickly to protect your home against the weather threats of the Atlantic Coast. 

Call today, before a small roofing problem develops into an expensive headache! The safety of your family may depend on it.