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Customers often call Atlantic Craftsman Co. to ask if they can forestall replacing their roof by making less extensive (and less expensive) repairs. The answer is always, “We’ll see.”

We can’t make an accurate prediction without first inspecting the roof and assessing its true condition. A thorough on-roof inspection can reveal a great deal about a roofing system and all its attendant parts, including flashing, gutters, soffits, vents and chimneys. All must be inspected, evaluated and a decision made about repair vs. replacement.

The good news is that, in many cases, we can make repairs that can restore a roof’s integrity and extend its useful life by several years. We take several factors into consideration when determining if a roof is worth repairing, or if it would be more efficient to replace it. These factors include:

  • Safety of the roof
  • Age of the roof
  • Whether or not repairs have been made previously
  • Type of roof (shingle, wood shake, metal, flat)
  • Extent of damage (Missing, splitting, cracked, curled, or worn shingles or tiles)
  • Availability of appropriate repair materials (some roofs are that old!)
  • Strength and condition of the supporting structure
  • Warranty expiration
  • Mold or Moss growth
  • Interior ceiling or attic rafter leaks, stains or spotting
  • Exterior wall streaks or stains

If we can safely restore a roof to a point where it is providing adequate protection, we will. But in some cases a roof is just “too far gone” for repairs to be effective. In that case we will provide options for replacement with a roof using newer, more durable roofing materials. We will also determine if a roof tear off is necessary, or if we can re-roof over the existing roof structure.


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