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If you’re searching for roofing companies, trust Atlantic Craftsman Co. don’t trust your roofing project to just anyone.  Trust it to the most experienced and most trusted roofing company in Hampton Roads. Call
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Count On Our Professional Roof Repair And Maintenance

Some of the most critical decisions a homeowner can make are related to maintenance and repairs. For instance, taking care of a roof properly means planning for changing needs and responding quickly to damage. As an expert in Hampton Roads roof repair, you can trust Atlantic Craftsman Co. to be your one source for all major and minor repairs, as well as emergency repairs.

Planning for roof repair in Hampton Roads should involve first getting informed about the variables affecting your roof’s current condition. Weather is an obvious factor but don’t overlook the quality of the roofing materials themselves, the way the installation was handled by the person or company you hired to do it, and the effectiveness of the ventilation or lack of proper ventilation. Also, consider what damage may have occurred from annual holiday decorating, such as punctures in the roofing system from nails.

Not all roofing materials have the same life expectancy nor does all damage become apparent in the same ways. Because of this fact, you may miss signs of damage as the seasons pass. A proactive approach to roof repair needs is knowing what signs to look for related to your particular roofing material, whether it’s asphalt, metal, slate, or tile. A regular maintenance plan can help point out unusual wear and tear or problem spots while they are still minor.

Once you recognize the need for roof repairs, simply patching a damaged spot isn’t enough. You want any repairs to be integrated with the rest of the roofing system so your home’s most important layer of protection is not compromised. That’s why relying on a professional with extensive roof repair experience is a smart decision and a wise investment.

Atlantic Craftsman Co. does a lot more than look at a roof’s condition. In our inspection, we examine the condition of the chimney, gutters, downspouts, flashing, ventilation, soffits, vent pipes, and drainage. We even inspect the attic. Anything that can affect your roof gets our attention every time.

Another reason to turn to the professionals at Atlantic Craftsman Co. for roof repair is your personal safety. Failing to prepare for the hazards associated with roof repair is a risky situation. Even a quick trip on the roof should be planned for carefully with all the proper safety precautions in place.

What makes Atlantic Craftsman Co. the right choice for your roof repair needs? Our crews are licensed and insured, equipped with extensive and ongoing training, certified by the largest manufacturer in the country, and award-winning for customer excellence. Our stellar reputation in the community has been earned one roof at a time since our company began over four decades ago.

Your free evaluation for any roof repair needs begins with a phone call to (757) 485-4871. For homeowners whose roofs were last inspected more than five years ago, it’s especially important to make the call soon and get a thorough assessment of your roof’s current condition. Keep our number handy too for emergency service needs during and immediately after a severe storm.

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